Experience positivity with the “Tee Shirt Dress Be The Good” from DESAIN STORE. Made with 100% heavy cotton, this stylish dress is inspired by empowering quotes. Available online only, with reliable USPS shipping and PayPal payments. Enjoy a 30-day return guarantee if your order is damaged. Sizes S-5XL. Order now!

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Tee Shirt Dress Be The Good

Welcome to DESAIN STORE, your exclusive destination for the “Tee Shirt Dress Be The Good.” This unique piece of apparel is inspired by empowering quotes and designed for those who wish to spread positivity wherever they go. Crafted from heavy cotton, this tee shirt dress combines comfort, style, and durability, making it an essential addition to your wardrobe.

Inspired by Quotes

Our “Tee Shirt Dress Be The Good” is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement. The design is inspired by uplifting quotes that remind us to always be the good in the world. Wear it with pride and let your fashion sense reflect your values.

Heavy Cotton Tee

Made with medium fabric (5.3 oz/yd² or 180 g/m²), this tee shirt dress is constructed from 100% cotton. The heavy cotton ensures a comfortable fit while maintaining durability and structure, making it perfect for everyday wear.

DESAIN STORE – Online Only

This exclusive item is available only at DESAIN STORE, your go-to online shop for unique and high-quality apparel. We focus on providing our customers with stylish and meaningful clothing that you won’t find anywhere else.

Shipping USPS

We offer reliable shipping through USPS, ensuring that your “Tee Shirt Dress Be The Good” arrives at your doorstep promptly and safely. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping with the peace of mind that comes with trusted shipping services.

Payment Paypal

For a smooth and secure transaction, we accept payments via PayPal. This allows you to shop with confidence, knowing your payment details are protected with one of the world’s most trusted payment platforms.

Production Time 3-7 Working Days

Each “Tee Shirt Dress Be The Good” is made to order with a production time of 3-7 working days. This ensures that you receive a freshly crafted item, tailored to your order specifications.

30 Working Day Return Guarantee if Your Order is Damaged

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If your order arrives damaged, we offer a 30 working day return guarantee. Simply contact our customer service team, and we will assist you with the return process to ensure you receive a perfect replacement.

Size Charts

To help you find the perfect fit, we offer a comprehensive size chart for both men’s and women’s tee shirt dresses. Please refer to the tables below to select the size that best suits you.

Men’s Size Chart

Size Chest (in) Length (in) Shoulder (in)
S 34-36 28 17 1/4
M 38-40 29 18 1/4
L 42-44 30 19 1/4
XL 46-48 31 20 1/4
2XL 50-52 32 21 1/4
3XL 54-56 33 22 1/4
4XL 58-60 34 23 1/4
5XL 62-64 35 24 1/4

Women’s Size Chart

Size Chest (in) Length (in) Shoulder (in)
S 34-35 25 1/2 13 3/4
M 36-37 26 14 1/2
L 38-40 27 15 1/2
XL 41-43 28 16 1/2
2XL 44-46 28 1/2 17 1/2
3XL 47-49 29 18 1/2
4XL 50-53 29 1/2 19 1/2
5XL 54-57 30 20 1/2

Why Choose the “Tee Shirt Dress Be The Good”?

Our “Tee Shirt Dress Be The Good” is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Pair it with your favorite sneakers for a casual day out or with a stylish jacket for a more polished look. The heavy cotton fabric ensures that it holds its shape and stays comfortable throughout the day.

Experience the quality and thoughtfulness that go into every piece at DESAIN STORE. Order your “Tee Shirt Dress Be The Good” today and join a community that believes in spreading kindness and positivity through fashion.


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